Welcome to Wilsana Yoga
We believe true health and wellness is far beyond the physical. As modern life becomes increasingly busy we must begin to look internally to create a life of lasting happiness and freedom. 
Yoga gifts us the opportunity to reconnect and through self-enquiry we gain deeper understanding of the sensitivities within the body. This increased awareness allows us to better respond to changes and challenges both internally and in the environment that surrounds us. Through regular yoga practice we create stability and equanimity within the body and develop stillness and flexibility within the mind. This in turn cultivates a stronger sense of self, and brings unity to the mind, body and spirit.
We recognise that everyone is different, no two stories are the same. Allow us to support you and all that makes you so beautifully individual, in a safe, nurturing environment along your personal journey.

 What is yoga?
The word yoga is derived from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and translates as “yoke” or “union”. The healing system is based on integration of the mind, body and spirit. Continued practice of yoga will lead you toward a greater sense of peace and increased overall well-being.

What to expect?
The practice of Yoga involves a series of different movements or physical postures referred to in Sanskrit as "asana". Various breathing techniques or exercises known as "pranayama" and exploring methods of meditation or increased awareness "dhyana".